Why Do My Cats Knock Everything Off My Desk and How You Should React?

Why Do My Cats Knock Everything Off My Desk and How You Should React?

Our beloved cats can be both funny and weird and they’re adorable creatures whose curious nature is beyond limits. They love playing with whatsoever they find in their way. Some of them like playing with boxes, chairs, and pens, or hiding things under couches. Moreover, many cats knock everything off. This behavior can be funny sometimes, but other times it can cost you a lot, especially when using their little paws to bat the expensive vases or items off the floor.

But, have you ever asked yourself about the underlying causes of this behavior? This is what we are going to discuss in the following article.

1- Why Do Cats Knock Things Over?

 Whether you find it amusing or frustrating, knocking things over is surely an action that your cats have done before. This act has many reasons. Below you can find the most appealing factors that lead your cats to behave accordingly.

– Hunting Instinct

Cats are natural hunters. Their prey instinct is one of the most important factors behind this action. Your cats need to investigate every single item they find on their way. They need to bat things out to discover whether they can be eaten or not. They need to test it, move it, and see whether it’s dead or alive, it’s dangerous to fight or not.

The hunting instinct of your cats is extremely strong. They need to investigate things using their paws. Knowing things over is how your cats explore the world around them.

– Get Your Attention

Seeking your attention is another reason why your cat knocks things over. They know that when they knock an item over the floor, you immediately react, thus giving them the attention they need. The latter can be negative like shouting in their face, or positive like giving them cats food.

For example, if you are sleeping tired because of a busy day and you don’t feed your cats, they may knock a pen off your desk so that they will let you know that they are there waiting for you to get up.

– Curious Natured Creatures

Cats are clever and curious animals. They love to test each new item with their paws to detect it. You may change the decoration of your house or buy a new plate. Your cats need to know what these new changes or recently brought things are all about. They have to touch it and know it by simply knocking it over.

– Having Fun and Fighting Boredom

Knocking various objects and investigating what is put on your desk is an interesting game that brings fun and a happy time. What will happen to this bottle of water if I swat it? These objects are a form of mental stimulation for them.  A need for fun is a sign of boredom and monotony. Maybe your cats are bored because you don’t give them quality time. Try to schedule some time and focus on making them satisfied and happy.

2- How To React When Your CatS Knock Everything Off?

Once your cats knock an item off, try not to reinforce this behavior by immediately reacting to it. Instead, wait until later to pick the item up, when they are not there. If the item is dangerous, then pick it up, but do it calmly. It would be better for you to give your cats your back while picking up what has fallen.

3- Make Your Home a Safe Place

Once you decide to bring a kitty to your house make sure that it is safe enough for cats to live in. Some objects that your cats may knock over can be dangerous. Sharp and glass items should not be placed near the edges of a table or a shelf. It would be better to remove the items that can pose a risk to your cats.

4- How To Stop Your Cats From Knock Everything Off?

Still, there are a few techniques that you can follow to stop your cats from knocking over your objects. Firstly, you can satisfy your cats’ instincts by providing them with some nice toys or food puzzles. The latter will be a challenge to your cats and give them a sense of fulfillment. Moreover, you have to spend some time with your cats doing other activities like playing. This will encourage other attention-seeking behaviors other than pulling things off.  Furthermore, your cats’ attention can be caught by the various toys with their catchy colors. They are available in every pet store at a reasonable price.

It would be beneficial if there are no items on the table or the desk that will attract your cats’ attention. If there is a pricey item or a dear one that you deeply want to preserve, consider adding a deterrent. You can also use sticky paws that you can find in pet stores.

Last Words

Cats are smart and inquisitive creatures. No single word can describe their loving companionship. They are warm, kind, and friendly. Sometimes, though, they may be noisy and troublemakers. Understanding their behavior will help you greatly to grasp the various ways to deal with them. What’s more important is to help nurture their inquisitiveness by buying healthy and distracting items to feed their interest and attention. You should also consider modifying, if possible, your lifestyle and daily routine to spend more time with your cats and enjoy their amazing companionship and friendship.

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