What to Consider Before Giving Someone a Christmas Puppy?

What to Consider Before Giving Someone a Christmas Puppy?

Christmas is such an exciting occasion to give gifts to your loved ones. The holiday season is the best time to make your family members happy and delighted. To do so, consider giving a warm, fuzzy puppy as a Christmas present to your family. However, you have to ask yourself a  bunch of questions and make some preparation before having a puppy at home.

It may be the most appropriate time to have a puppy. But, before giving a puppy as a Christmas gift, ask yourself one question. What is the right time to give somebody a furry friend?

This article will help you take some steps to find out what considerations you have to know before giving a dog.

1- Ask Yourself the Following Important Questions

The first step that you should take if you are thinking about gifting a Christmas puppy is whether the prospective new parent is ready to take the responsibility for a puppy.  Having answers to these questions will help you greatly:

  • Can They Afford a New Pet? To grow healthy and strong, puppies need to eat 2 to 3 times a day. Make sure the potential parent is going to afford a balanced diet for the pet.
  • Do They Already Own a Dog? If you think that the new puppy will adapt to the dog, then it will be a good sign.
  • Do They Have Time and Energy: New puppies need a lot of attention. They will need to be walked and trained for at least four hours. Moreover, the majority of dogs require daily exercise to keep them fit.
  • Do They Have a Busy Schedule: If they have a busy schedule or they travel a lot, you have to know if they have any additional help to raise the puppy.
  • Will This Person Continue To Love and Care for This Puppy: Commitment to love and care is important to have a happy and healthy puppy.

Finding answers to the above questions will make it clear if a new puppy is a right gift. If the answer to a given question is a “no”, then probably gifting a puppy is not a great idea for this holiday season.

2- Identifying the Right Dog for the Family is a step before Giving Someone a Christmas Puppy

It is extremely important to know that each dog has a different personality. That is, you may make the mistake of choosing a dog that is not right or doesn’t fit with the whole family. To make this mistake, you need to be conscious of some factors before you give someone a dog.

The first procedure you should follow is to find out what breeds would be appropriate for the household. Different breeds have various traits and personalities, though characteristics vary from one puppy to another. To help choose the right puppy, you can call your local breeder, kennel, shelter, or rescue organization and ask them to give you pieces of advice. They will surely help you to learn more about the different characteristics of the puppy and what will be the best fit for the family’s lifestyle.

You can also make the new parent choose the puppy they want, as selecting a puppy is a personal experience. By doing this,  a new pet parent is going to meet the puppy first before officially joining the family.

3- Choose the Right Moment is important before Giving Someone a Christmas Puppy

What is more than choosing the appropriate puppy is picking the right moment to give it as a gift. Planning to give that furry friend Christmas does not mean that they have to receive the gift specifically on Christmas. You have plenty of occasions to do so. Such as during decoration time or when being gathered with family and friends. Bear in mind that the puppies and dogs should be brought to an environment where there is less chaos as it is their first time in the house.

Another reason to put in mind before gifting the puppy or dog during Christmas is that Christmas is celebrated in cold winters. If the receivers are not ready to train them, it may be a challenge for them. Therefore, you might wait until the warmer weather for the recipient to be more ready to take care of the new friend.

If you want to hold on after the holiday is finished, there are many ways to surprise them and tell them about your presence during the holiday. For instance, you can bring some gift certificates from breeders or shelters. You can also take a picture of the chosen dog. Then tell them that they are going to have their loyal friend as soon as possible.

4- Some Puppy Preparation

If your last decision is to gift a puppy, then you should know some basics that whoever is receiving the dog will need. This includes:

  • Dogs or puppy food.
  • Food and water bowls.
  • A cate or a bed for the puppy to sleep comfortably.
  • Some toys for the puppy.
  • A leash and collar.
  • Dog grooming tools and needs (toothbrushes, brushes….)

Moreover, some other preparations will help the new puppy parent. One of the most important ones is to find the appropriate vet for the puppy. Also, you can add a gift card to a pet store. So the receivers can buy what they find the most essential.

Last Words

Taking those details into consideration will help the ones you are giving the puppy to have almost everything they need in the initial stages of having it.
Whether you choose to give a puppy as a gift or not, remember to enjoy your holiday with your loved ones. Don’t forget to make our furry family members a part of this celebration.

Giving someone a Christmas puppy is a creative and unique way to express your love.

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