6 Tips from the Experts to Get the Pet Shower of Your Dreams

6 Tips from the Experts to Get the Pet Shower of Your Dreams

Bathing your pet is one of their grooming need that they have to take regularly. Bathing also helps in keeping your pet’s coat and skin healthy and clean. While some pets love the process, others hate it and make it more stressful and less easy. So how to clean our pets with minimal fuss and stress? Well, a pet shower can be a great help to bathe your furry friend most easily.

There are various pet showers on the market. All of them have different features and specifications. Therefore, it can be difficult for you to determine what shower to get for your pet. This article will give you six tips to choose the pet shower of your dreams.

The Characteristics that Your Pet Shower Must Include

Your pet shower can include various features and be designed as attractive as s you want it to be based on your budget. You can have it made with walls, glass, and a tile base. You can also choose to be raised 12 to 24 inches according to the height of your dog.

1- The Pet Shower Water Source

It is essential to utilize an easy-to-use water source. Most pet showers have a long-handled shower head that enables you to bathe your dog from head to toe. Furthermore, many handhelds have adjustable bars that make it possible for you to use one hand by pulling off the showerhead.

2- Block the Drain

Even if you do brush beforehand, some hair shedding in the bath is inevitable. To prevent blockages and expensive plumbing problems, it is imperative to block the drain. You can purchase a drain strainer to fit in the drain before bath time. One nifty budget option is to throw a small sheet of steel wool over the drain. Steel wool is effective at trapping loose fur before it slips down the drain.

3- Other Washing Products

If your dog has a thick coat, you might consider buying gentle pet shower wands found either online or at a pet shop. You can also make your dog’s bath even more pleasing by using waterproof pet grooming gloves that feature rubber nodules along the fingers and palms to give your dog a massage during bath time. When it’s time to towel off your dog, you can make your dog dry quicker by purchasing super absorbent microfiber towels. These extra products will definitely make your dog’s bath an unforgettable experience. He will start to love his bath time!

4- Storage To Put Your Do’s Needs

You need a handy and near place to put your dog’s bathing requirements such as shampoo, skin conditioners, toothbrushes, and towels. It will be convenient in order not to let your dog underwater while you are searching for a given product. If your dog hates water, you can reinforce good behavior in the shower by putting some treats in a waterproof jar.

Consider having a basket of nail care supplies to prevent any sharp claws before starting to bathe your dog. Moreover, you need to have a towel near to you since bathing can turn into a shake. Try to completely dry your dog’s coat.

5- Keep Yourself and Your Pet Safe While Showering

There are a variety of techniques you should keep in mind to maintain your and your dog’s safety while giving a bath to your pet. It is much better to add a non-slip mat if your shower floor is too slippery. Additionally, if your dog isn’t trained enough to obey your instructions, especially the “stay” cue, then it is advised that you use a safety harness. For your pet’s security, you can drill a tether anchor into your tile to latch your dog’s leach. 

While bathing your dog, he might go about wetting and soaping the entire house. To avoid this, you can keep his collar on to hold onto it.

There are many ways you can opt for if your dog suffers from anxiety once he hears the water turned on. One way is to place some peanut butter on the shower wall to distract your dog from his anxiety.

After all, you need to remember that safety comes first.

6- Build Your Pet Shower Appropriate for the Size of Your Dog and Your Mobility

You can now make your pet’s bath a fascinating experience by building a pet shower suitable for its size. By doing this, you will also spare yourself the trouble of back bending. You can also from the stairs so your pet can easily access the shower.

Last Words

Bathing your pet is essential for good health and hygiene. Helping your pet remove the dirt and make it comfortable, clean, and happy. Your pet is a beautiful and innocent soul that needs to have a great and delighted life. You can make bathing time an enjoyable and easy experience by choosing the right pet shower and by following the mentioned above tips, you are surely going to find the pet shower that you want for your loyal friend.

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