11 Reasons Why Your Dog Cries When Being Picked Up

11 Reasons Why Your Dog Cries When Being Picked Up

Dogs are loyal and faithful companions. They are highly intelligent, patient, and gentle. Dogs are very sociable creatures. They love being around and playing with their owners. While some dogs like to be picked up, you may find out that your dog cries when being picked up.

Multiple underlying causes push your dog to cry whenever you pick them up. In this article, we are going to examine 11 reasons in detail below.

Reason Why Your Dog Cries When Being Picked Up

There are some normal and other serious problems that make your dog cry when you hold them up.  Some main reasons are the following:

1. They Don’t Like Being Carried

While dogs have some common characteristics, they tend to have other distinct preferences. Certain dogs love being picked up, but others hate it. In order to express their discomfort, they are likely to cry. The solution in this case is easy. If your dog dislikes the experience, just make them comfortable and do not try to perpetually pick them.

2. Applying the Wrong Method

Your dog may tolerate it when you approach them to pick them up. However, once you do so they start to cry. This is because you are holding your dog using the wrong position. The rule requires not to pick up a dog by the legs, tail, or by scruff. Also, you need to consider your dog’s size and age before holding them up.

3. Dog Cries When Being Picked Up Because of Thrilling

Your dog may start crying to express its happiness and excitement. But how you can know if your dog enjoys being picked up? The best way to follow is to notice their body language. If they start waging their tail, it is a sign of joy.

4. Out of Blue

Imagine that you come from work, and then you notice your dog sitting quietly in a given corner, with no previous interaction, you pick them up. This unexpected movement will cause them fear and stress. Therefore, they will start crying. To avoid this outcome, you need first to interact with your dog before holding them up.

5. Unpleasant Previous Experiences

If you pick up your dog immediately after hearing strange voices, they are likely to start crying out of fear and stress.

6. Dog Cries When Being Picked Up Because of Fear of Heights

Large dogs tend to be afraid of heights in the majority of cases. Thus, when you hold them up, they start crying in an attempt to make you know that they are afraid. There is nothing you can really do to solve this problem except for accepting your dog’s feelings and respecting them.

7. Various Lumps and Tumors

As we know, dogs are likely to suffer from different types of cancer. Sometimes, the cancer lumps or tumors are hurting and causing your dog pain when you pick them up. To find out more about the issue, you must immediately take your dog to the vet.

8. Muscles Cramps

You may see your dog squeal out of pain whenever you want to pick them up. The obvious reason for this action is muscle cramps. The latter is one of the main sources that cause pain to your dog. Allowing your dog to take some rest is what you should do at this stage. If the condition continues, you need to seek professional help.

9. Sensitive Tummy

There is no doubt that dogs have sensitive stomachs. When their tummies ache, they will not feel comfortable if you try to pick them up. Signs that show you that your dog has a tummy ache are vomiting, diarrhea, and lack of appetite.

10. Injury

If you perpetually pick up your dog without hearing them crying, then the cries this time may be a result of some injury that hurts your dog. This could be a bone fracture, sprain, or others. You have to gently touch parts of your dog’s body. If they show discomfort touching a given part, you got the injured part. Now, you have to take them to the vet for professional treatment.

11. Breathing Difficulties

Your dog may experience breathing difficulties, especially during summer due to the heat. When you pick up your dog while going through some breathing difficulties, they may protect for you to put them down again.

What to Do If Your Dog Cries While Picked Up?

If your dog starts to cry while you are holding them up, you need first to examine all the underlying causes that cause the issue before taking any action. Try to identify whether the problem occurs at a particular time or all the time, how you pick your dog, and when.

By understanding these factors, you will move on to take action. First, find a comfortable position to pick up your dog, and never do it out of surprise. Approach your dog gently and try to carefully pick them up. If the problem continues no matter how hard you try, this may be related to some serious problems. The best thing you can do then is to visit a vet.

Last Words

Understanding your dog’s characteristics and preferences is vitally important so that you can interact with them without causing them any discomfort or fear. Picking up your dog may be a joyful and great experience for you but not necessarily for them. Therefore, you have to evaluate the situation each time your dog starts to cry while being picked up and determine the problem to fully solve it.

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