Maltipoo behavioral Problems & How to Fix Them

Maltipoo behavioral Problems & How to Fix Them

Maltipoo is a small-sized dogs and they are a combination of two breeds: Maltese and Poodle. Maltipoo is very known for its friendly and easy-going personality. However, you may find that your Maltipoo develops some behavioral problems such as extensive barking, separation anxiety, and others.

Below you will find the main Maltipoo behavioral problems and how to fix them. Keep reading!

1- Excessive Barking at Night as a Maltipoo behavioral problem

Maltipoo is a dog breed that is known to be calm and quiet. But you may find yourself in a situation where your Maltipoo constantly barks. This behavioral issue can arise especially with puppies that are under one year old. To fix this problem, you need first to make sure that your dog is not acting like that out of discomfort or a health issue. Then, consider their bathroom needs and their attention-seeking behavior.

If the barking is due to bathroom needs, you must bring your dog outside for 15-20 minutes until they find their preferred spot. Their body also needs to relax to expel urine and feces.

If your Maltipoo dog is seeking your attention, you should not interact with them so as not to reinforce this behavior. Instead, try to neglect them.

Barking in general can have several underlying causes:

– Barking for Attention

Your dog may start to bark if they find itself alone or if they do not get the attention they need. To solve this Maltipoo behavioral problem, you need to have a solid schedule. That is, set a time for every single activity you are doing with your dog. As said before, do not pay attention to your dog when they start barking. By doing so, your dog will automatically recognize that no barking means attention and vice versa.

– Barking Due to Boredom

Without receiving any outside stimulus, your dog may start barking. If boredom is not interrupted, your dog might bark for a long. You have to set a schedule for walking, playing, and other activities. Also, providing your dog with the toy they love may help stop the barking.

– Barking Due to Fear/ stress/ nervousness

Unknown voices can make your Maltipoo feels that they are in danger. Thus, they will bark. It is not much you can do except for giving assurance and make them feel safe.

2- Maltipoo behavioral problems: SEPARATION ANXIETY

Of course, you cannot be with your dog the whole day. But once you leave, your dog may face severe behavioral problems. This includes trying to escape, barking loudly, or becoming exceedingly. If you follow the following tips, this problem can be successfully addressed:

  • Do not leave your dog in a dark room, try to turn the light on.
  • Give your dog time. When they have an interesting life, they can cope when you are away.
  • When you leave and arrive at your home do it calmly.
  • Spend a lot of time with your dog.
  • Jumping/ acting hyper.

Some dogs tend to be calm. Others, on the other hand, are super hyper. This can be due to a behavioral issue. To fix this problem you have to take your dog for a walk daily. Do not forget, a tired dog is a quiet one.

3- Aggression Is another Maltipoo behavioral problem

Aggression can have various reasons according to each dog. But some of the common ones are the following:

  • Growling: This occurs when someone is close to the dog’s food or water.
  • Nipping: This happens when there are quick snaps of the jaw. The teeth may meet with the skin or they may be warning nips that are next to the skin.
  • Biting: This must be addressed seriously. It takes place when the jaw locks down and teeth puncture the skin.

– Causes of Aggression

Aggressive behavior can be due to the following:

  • Health Issues: If your Maltipoo, out of the blue, starts to growl when you get close to them, it can be due to a given injury or illness. Therefore, you should immediately take them to the vet.
  • Teething that Gets out of Hand: This can result in an out-of-control behavior as it combines teething urges and improper hierarchy.
  • Play that Gets out of Hand: In this case, you will notice that your Maltipoo is playing without stopping
  • Improper Hierarchy: In this situation, your Maltipoo will become extremely aggressive. It is usually combined with teething.

– How to Stop Maltipoo from Being Aggressive & Stop this Maltipoo behavioral problem?

  • Solve any Teething Issue
  •  If your dog suffers from teeth issues, you need to address this immediately. Your dog cannot help it if they are suffering from extreme itching pain and urges to chew.
  • Install Proper Hierarchy: You need to make your dog see you as the real alpha in order to be respectful and loyal. If you become a weak leader, they will tend to be aggressive.

– Who Should Deal with an Aggressive Dog?

It will be perfect for training your aggressive dog by yourself. However, if you are not able or the environment is not appropriate you can seek professional help by hiring a trainer.

4- Other Maltipoo Temperament Elements Include

  • Loyalty: Staying with their owners loving them and creating a strong bond.
  • Intelligence: They can quickly learn training.
  • Amusing: Most puppies and Maltipoo dogs make their owners delighted.
  • The good-natured Maltipoo: Maltipoo can get very well with large and toy dogs.
  • Active: Maltipoo is an active dog that needs at least 30 minutes of walking every single day.

Last Words

Maltipoo is a loyal, friendly, and calm dog. They may encounter some behavioral problems. But since that can be treated, Maltipoo is obviously a great dog that will make you and your family happy.

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