How To Make Your House Safe For Your Pets And Pet Sitter

How To Make Your House Safe For Your Pets And Pet Sitter

When leaving the house for work or for a holiday, we need to make sure our pet is safe and secure. Our place should be a warm and friendly environment for both the adorable fur babies that brighten our lives and the pet sitters who attend them.

This article will guide you into establishing unharmed and protected house conditions to ensure the safety and the happiness of your beloved pet and the pet sitter.

1- Making Your House Safe For Your Pets

Keep All Dangerous Items Out Of Reach, Including Medications to Get a safe house for pet

How many times have you caught your pet playing around the house and snatching, stashing, or even eating random items? Perhaps, a million times. They do so for the sake of exploration and discovery and they find enormous enjoyment in it. However, a secure house environment can, at times, threaten the safety of our pets. You need to make sure that you lock away dangerous items including cleaning supplies, medications, or any other toxic substances or items. In doing so, we will ensure that our fur babies have total freedom to roam the house without any danger around.

Put Away Dangling Wires And Cords

  House animals including cats and dogs are playful pets; they have this habit of playing with anything, hanging and swinging threads or cords are their best plaything. But, objects such as TV cables, curtain cords, or other dangling objects are dangerous, as they can choke your pet’s breath in no time. To ensure the safety of your adorable pets, try to keep the sort of objects out of reach.

Make Sure Your Houseplants Aren’t Toxic

  Cats and dogs like to chomp on plant leaves, which might often cause lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, and other symptoms that come along if pets ingested a toxic plant substance. It is, therefore, necessary that before you purchase any kind of house plant, you need make sure that it isn’t toxic to your fur baby. Pothos, Jade Plans, and Peace Lilies are a few examples of some plants that can be harmful to your pet.

Cover The Garbage for a safe house for pet

Pets are curious creatures. They won’t stay still until they’ve discovered every inch of your house including your garbage. Yes, garbage investigators is what I like to call them! Pulling out random items from the trash can put your adorable pet’s health in danger. They might choke if they eat avocado pits or apple cores. Their bellies may swell if they consumed tissues or napkins. They might even be injured if they come across steel cans or glass. It is crucial, hence, that you keep the garbage beyond your pet’s reach in order to ensure their safety.

2. Making Your House Safe For Your Pet-Sitters

Get An Alarm System

Setting an alarm system in your house is a smart strategy to ensure the safety of both your pet and your pet-sitter. If you are planning to go on a long holiday without feeling worried about your pet, then you definitely need to consider getting a security system or device.

Leave A Detailed List Of Instructions

Listing a thorough set of instructions is important for the security of your house, your beloved pet, and your pet-sitter. The list of instructions about your place may include information about the alarm system, the air conditioning, and other details. While instructions about your pet might include their eating schedules, toy preferences, walk and medication schedule, and other information you think is important for your pet-sitter to pay attention to. After all, you have to do this and more to allow your adorable pet to enjoy a safe and happy environment.

Leave Emergency Numbers

Life is full of surprises. Not all of these surprises, however, are pleasant. You don’t know what can hit you, so you need to be ready for emergency situations. It is important, therefore, to leave emergency numbers and addresses of your vet, the nearest animal hospital, or of your friends or close family members to your pet sitter.

Check-In Regularly or Call

Checking in or calling your pet sitter is important to make sure that everything is going as expected; it is helpful and reassuring for you, your pet sitter, and your pet because they might feel even more secure to see you around the house or hear your voice over the phone.

Last Words

It is essential to set a save environment for your pet as well as your pet sitter otherwise your dog may get injured. In such cases, it is vitally important to learn emergency medical tips to protect your pet.

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