How to Help Your Dog to Enjoy Bath Time?

How to Help Your Dog to Enjoy Bath Time?

Everyone wants their dog to enjoy bath time, but most dogs tend to run away from their owners when bath time comes. If you have a similar dog, then this article is specifically for you. As we know, bath day is neither yours nor your dog’s favorite day. However, bathing from time to time is needed to keep your dog clean and healthy.

To help you out throughout the bathing process, we have gathered some important tips you can apply each time you need to give your dog a bath. These tips will make your dog enjoys bathing time!

1- Set a Bathing Schedule to Help Your Dog to Enjoy Bath Time

Dogs are creatures of habit. Therefore, you need to have a bathing routine to follow. At first, your dog may try to run away as they hate it when they are forced to do something. But then you will see the benefits of your bathing schedule.

In the beginning, it is better to start the task slowly. After a few baths, your dog will start to be familiar with the bathing sessions. It is better to associate baths with something positive such as giving a treat after you finish.

2- Have Some Exercises before the Actual Bathing

One way to get your pooch accustomed to the bath is by providing them with some physical or mental exercises. While this will not help your dog to fully love bathing, it can make them able to be calm and relaxed.

3- Do Not Make Any Noise

The fear of the unknown is what pushes your dog to feel uncomfortable. One tip to follow is to reduce the noise of running water you are making before the actual bathing. You need to make your dog trusts you. If there is a lot of noise, your dog will simply run away searching for a place to hide and be out of your sight.

4- Start Slowly to Help Your Dog to Enjoy Bath Time

Do not just put your dog in the tub and start bathing them. Instead, you have to be patient and begin the process slowly. For instance, after adding water to the tub, get their feet and then their legs in. follow a gradual procedure so that your dog can get used to each step.

5- Make the Process Simple

One of the main important tip to make your pooch enjoys bathing time is making the whole process simple. Your dog may hate the feeling of soap being forced on them. Thus, they attempt to run away.

To avoid that mess, you can start by brushing the coat of your dog first using an appropriate brush according to their coat type. This will help you to brush away any tangles allowing you to easily and effortlessly bathe your furry friend.

6- Do Not Go too Fast

Because the process is tough, you need to closely focus and never go too fast. If you do not have enough time today, then call it a day. Find an appropriate time to fully focus your attention on your dog for both of you to relax.

7- Enjoy!

It can be hard to enjoy bathing time if your dog continuously resists it. But you can apply several methods to make the process fun for you and your dog. One way to follow is to bring their favorite toys in the tub. The ones that your dog loves playing with. Your dog will start to see bathing time as playtime.

8- Seek the Help of another Dog

Yes! You can bring another dog who feels comfortable when bathing. While having a bath together, your dog will learn how to relax and simply enjoy the experience. Make sure the two dogs meet together before the bath so as to get along with each other.

9- Ask Someone to Help You

If you are stressed, you will spread your stress onto your dog as well. For this reason, it is advisable to ask a second party for help. Be they a friend or a family member, they can lend you a helping hand to successfully achieve the task.

10- Be Gentle to Help Your Dog to Enjoy Bath Time

Remember to be gentle while giving a bath to your furry friend. If they are attempting to run away, do not force them or aggressively catch them. Moreover, you need to protect their eyes, nose, and ears. If water gets in, your dog will feel more stressed and uncomfortable.

11- Make the Water Comfortable for Them

Make sure not to bathe your dog in very warm water. This may shock your dog. It is better to keep it lukewarm so that the temperature is comfortable for your dog thus it will not cause additional problems.

12- Start Early on

It is better to start bathing your dog while being a puppy. You can start giving them a bath as young as 8 weeks old. This will aid you in the future when your puppy becomes an adult dog. They will know what bathing means. Therefore, they will be less stressed.

13- Use Food to Help Your Dog to Enjoy Bath Time

One tip to apply when bathing your nervous dog is bringing food to their bathing area. At first, they will be anxious but then you will notice that they start to relax and enjoy their food.

Last Words

Having a dog needs great patience and understanding. A bathing day can be stressful for you and your furry friend. However, the rewards are fantastic. You will have a clean and fresh dog who smells aromatic.

In this article, we have tried to help you out with some tips and ideas to make the procedures somehow easy for you and your pooch. Give them a try next time and remember to enjoy spending time with your dog.

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