8 Tips to Get Any Cat to Like You More

8 Tips to Get Any Cat to Like You More

Cats are not normal creatures. They have the power to bring life to your house, create a smile on your face, and absorb the negative energy from your tired body. They are curious species who perpetually want to discover all that is going on around them and enjoy all the perks that come with the package you need to understand how to get your cat to like you more.

Cats are also known to be independent and can survive without the help of their owners. However, they are also sociable and love playing with their owners and being petted by them. If your cat always tries to hide from you and constantly gives you indifferent eyes, you need to know that something wrong is going on. You may, with no prior attention, do what your cat hates.

If making your cat happy is your desired end goal, you need to learn more and easily read their body language.

Understand Cats Body Language TO GET Your CAT TO LIKE YOU MORE

Once you start to understand your cat’s body language, you will be able to communicate with them and carefully choose the right time when to interact with or avoid them.

Feel free to approach your cat if you notice the following signs:

  • Upright Tail: It means that your cat is greeting you and is happy to see you.
  • Blinking Slowly: When your cat starts to blink slowly, it means that they are relaxed,  comfortable, and friendly.
  • Bunting: Your cat rubs on you to show you their love and affection.
  • Lying on Their Back: Your cat completely trusts you and is comfortable being around you. Nevertheless, you need to seriously avoid your cat if you observe these signals:
  • Wide Eyes: If your cat is worried and anxious. Their eyes and pupils will look wide.
  • Tense tail: Your cat’s tail will be tense when they feel scared.
  • Arched Back: When your feline friend is scared, it will arch its back to looking bigger.
  • Flat Ears: If something is stressing your cat, it will have its ears flat against their heads.

Tips to Make Your Cat Likes You

1. Respect Your Cat’s Personal Space

We just love playing and petting our little creatures. However, it is vitally important to respect your cat’s personal boundaries. By doing so, you will provide a safe environment for your cat where they can comfortably sit and relax. Once you create a non-threatening atmosphere for your furry friend, they will come to you and be ready to socialize with you.

2. Avoid Eye Contact

Cats focus their eyes only when they are ready for a fight. Therefore, when making eye contact with them, they decode it as a threatening sign. They may either be fearful and attempt to escape or may be aggressive.

3. Blinking Slowly

If your cat refuses to stay with you, try to slowly blink at them. Your cat will understand this movement as a positive one, a form of a smile. Many scientists argued that while slowly blinking at your vat, they are likely to slow-blink back and be close to you.

4. Do the Same as Your Cat

If your cat refuses to play with you, look at you, or come close to you, do the same. Leave your cat until they are ready to come to you.

5. Know When to Stop

We all love petting our cats. But at some moment you need to stop, otherwise, they will bite you. But how to know when to stop? An easy way is to show your finger to your cat. If they need more petting, they will push their head against it.

6. Associate Food with Petting

If you want to quickly gain your cat’s heart, use food. You need to associate food with petting so that your cat will like petting as it is a sign of something good. You can apply this by petting your cat before and while giving them their meals.

7. Soft Talking

Talking loudly is not always helpful as it makes your cat feel scared and raises the need to escape. For this reason, you need to speak softly with your furry friend so that they will feel safe and ready to go around the house.

8. Address the Right Spots

When your cat comes closer to you and wants you to pet them, choose the right spots. Have you ever asked where do cats like to be petted? or how to pet a cat? The area that makes your cat feels good is the top of the head and shoulders. When you touch unpleasant areas that your cat hates, you will see that its tail starts to thrash. This is a sign that you need to stop.

 Last Words

Having a cat in your house will bring joy, happiness, and unconditional love. It is important to understand what your cat likes and dislikes in order to build bridges between you and closely approach them. This article provides you with 8 tips that, if you apply them, will help you to build a good relationship with your cat. So, give them a try!

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