Everything You Should Know About Yorkies

Everything You Should Know About Yorkies

Yorkshire terriers are among the smallest of dogs, with only six/seven inches tall and about two to seven pounds. Yorkies are also the most popular dogs that were developed in Yorkshire, England during the Victorian era.

What differentiates those toy dogs is their regal appearance and sassy attitude.  They are also very friendly, caring, and loving. If you are thinking of bringing a Yorkie to your family, this article would be a great help as it will provide you with some facts about the Yorkshire terriers.

1- Temperament

Yorkies are very intelligent pets. They are energetic, active, and feisty. However, they can become bored easily if they don’t get the attention they need. It is essential for pet owners to give their Yorkies enough physical and mental stimulation. Otherwise, they can have bad behaviors. It is more than okay to let your child play with Yorkies as they are gentle. However, they can become aggressive once they feel threatened or are not trained properly. Therefore, it is important to know how to interact with them in a kind way.

2- Grooming Needs of Yorkies

Like human hair, Yorkies’ coat requires regular brushing to keep healthy and free of mats. It also needs to be washed and trimmed when needed. Bear in mind that frequent bathing can make their body dry and itchy. If neglected,  Yorkies hair can grow longer and longer. Moreover, Yorkies’ nails need to be trimmed customarily so as not to get too long. Consider taking your Yorkie to professional grooming appointments every few months your dog grooming is essential.

3- Health Issues in Yorkies

In general, Yorkies terriers are healthy. But like all other breeds, Yorkies are apt to various health problems. Some of them are the following:

. Hypoglycemia (low blood glucose) 

Hypoglycemia is a sudden drop in blood sugar levels. It is common in toy breeds such as Yorkies. Hypoglycemia happens when there is not enough glucose in the Yorkies’ bloodstream for the body’s energy requirements. Yorkies’ bodies need a balanced amount of glucose in their blood to function rightly. If this is not the case, Hypoglycemia occurs. It can be severe enough to cause death. Some of the symptoms of this disease include weakness, vomiting, fast breathing, lethargy, seizures, and coma. If you notice these signs, you must take your Yorkie to the veterinarian immediately.

. Legg-Calvé-Perthes Disease

This disease of the hip joint is caused by a sudden decrease in blood circulation to this region of the body. The femoral bone that is connected to the hip joint weakens and breaks down often resulting in malformation of the bone. There is no known cause for this disease and it is most often observed in young puppies, approximately 5-8 months. Clinical signs most frequently reported are limping, pain when moving hind legs, and muscle wasting. An x-ray of the hip joint and leg will assist a veterinarian in making a diagnosis. Treatment requires surgical intervention, requiring the damaged femoral head and femoral neck near the hip joint to be removed. Following surgery, physical therapy and pain medication will help dogs suffering from this condition recover more effectively.

. Eye Problems in Yorkies

Yorkies’ eyes are sensitive and they are more likely to develop genetic eye problems if compared to other breeds. Common Yorkies eye problems include dry eyes, corneal dystrophy (cloudiness of the eye), cataracts, and hereditary polyneuropathy (degeneration of the nerves).  These can be painful, and lead to partial or permanent blindness if remained untreated.

. Allergies

like the rest of the other dogs, Yorkies can develop allergies. But thanks to their small size, their owners can instantly notice the signs of allergies as compared with large dogs.

Other health problems that you should be conscious of are respiratory conditions, retinal dysplasia, and Legg-Calve Perthes disease. In order to maintain your Yorkies’ health, you have to perpetually go to the vet and check their health.

4- Exercise and Training

Yorkies are active breeds. They need almost one hour of exercise daily. Though, these small dogs cannot endure long walks or run like larger breeds. These dogs need extra care to remain safe. If you won’t introduce your new Yorkie to other dogs or people, do it slowly because they may be overwhelmed. For a happy Yorkie pup, you should create fun games and tricks. Doing so will assure you to win a Yorkie over for life.

5- Energy Level

Thanks to their small size, Yorkies are energetic companions. They have a strong desire to chase, play, and use their muscles. It would be great if you take your Yorkie to participate in small dog groups. This helps in getting rid of excess energy, at the same time, they will learn how to socialize.

6- Nutrition

Feeding requirements will vary according to the age, size, and activity level of the dog. It is important to give your puppy both raw vegetables and meat. Yorkies, in general, will need 1\4 to 1\2 cups of high-quality dry food each day.

7- Lifespan of Yorkies

energetic years. They tend to live longer than other toy breeds thanks to their overall health. To preserve your Yorkies’ lives, you need to keep them happy and healthy by taking good care of them. You also need to give them plenty of love and care. Take them to the vet to check their health, and feed them when only needed.

8- What is the best environment for Yorkshire?

Yorkshires are the preferred pets for city dwellers. These dogs are known as great city dogs and easily adapt to the apartments of their owners. You need to be patient to teach them new skills. In the same sense, Yorkshires enjoy learning new things. Yorkies are intelligent and affectionate. They love being with their humans.

9- Having a Yorkshire

Before deciding whether to adopt a Yorkie, you need to make some general research. You have to be prepared as it is the first step toward being a responsible pet owner. If you decide to have a Yorkies, you will surely not regret it. Yorkies are full of energy, and they are friendly.

10- Adopting Yorkies

By adopting a Yorkie, you will give life, love, and a forever home to a beautiful soul. You can be a breeder or a rescuer. The difference between them is that a rescue may not have small puppies to choose from. However, the rescue has many advantages. One of which is the fact that the dog doesn’t need common medical procedures.

11- How to Find a Yorkshire Terrier Breeder?

The initial step that you should follow is in-depth research. You need to be sure. Ask questions, make arrangements to see the parent’s dogs or mother, and be careful. Many online scams are out there. Therefore, you have to reach out to various online for conversation and be sure about getting a new member to your family.

Last Words

Having Yorkies inside your house will surely teach you a lot. It will teach you how to be responsible, and how to give without expecting something in return. They will provide you with unconditional love and passion. In addition, it will be a great help for your mental well-being. Having a puppy will certainly increase your self-worth and self-esteem. Also, Yorkies will change your life for the better.

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