Common Whippet Health Issues Every Owner Should Know

Common Whippet Health Issues Every Owner Should Know

Whippet health issues is an important topic that you should be aware of. We know that whippets are a friendly dog breed. They are mid-size dogs who need little grooming requirement and they have an easy-going temperament. Whippets are full of life and love. They love human companionship. They have an affectionate nature and can be good with both children and other dogs.

Generally, whippets are pretty and healthy. Their lifespan is between 12-15 years. However, like all breeds, whippets can experience some health conditions more frequently than others . But if you provide your dogs with suitable exercise, nutritional food, and visits to the vet, they can live a long healthy, and happy life.

The following are some common whippet health problems and issues that they may encounter

1- Epilepsy

This illness is easy to be noticed as its symptoms are not hidden from our sight. This includes the loss of consciousness, tongue chewing, jerking, collapsing, and others. Genetic epilepsy is called idiopathic. It can appear in dogs at the age of 1 to 3 years old. Of course, this illness can be treated, so talk immediately with your vet.

2- Cardiac Disease is one type of Whippet Health Issues

Cardiac, also known as heart disease is the deficiency of your dog’s heart to pump adequate blood to the body. The cause of this condition is leaky or irregularities of heart rhythm. If your whipped is suffering from this condition, you may notice difficulty breathing or coughing regularly. Other symptoms include loss of appetite, pale-bluish gums, and others.

If you suspect your dogs have heart conditions, you need the help of an ECG, blood testing, and X-rays. Fortunately, several medications can be found to help the little heart of your dog to continue living.

3- Skin Lacerations and Tears is among Whippet Health Issues

As it is known, whippets are lean and athletic. Their coats are short and their bodies are little fat. Therefore, they can easily pick up cuts and tears.

When you are walking your furry friend in forested areas, you should be conscious of the fact that your pet can be quickly scatty. The fact that they don’t have strong protection against scratches and scrapes can lead to serious conditions for whippets.

4- Allergies are Whippet Health Issues

Whippets can have allergic reactions to pollen, mold, and dust. It appears on their itchy skin, feet, belly, skin folds, and ears.

Some whippet puppies can be allergic and sensitive to some kinds of food resulting in vomiting and diarrhea.

You can treat your whippet by following a balanced diet, medication, and the avoidance of allergens.

5- Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is happening when your dog is not producing enough thyroid gland. The latter is important for regulating your dogs’ metabolism. This condition has several signs. Some of which are hair loss, loss of appetite, thirst, and lethargy.

Once your dogs are diagnosed with hypothyroidism using blood testing, they will need to take their medication for the rest of their lives.

6- Bully Whippet Syndrome

Bully whippet syndrome is a genetic trait. If your pets start to have extra muscles and they look like a bodybuilder, then your whippet is likely suffering from this issue. Unfortunately, no medication has been found yet.

7- Deafness

Whippets can encounter some of the conditions that come with their age. One of which is deafness. Some whippets can be born deaf. Others may develop the condition of losing hearing as they grow. Your dogs will be unresponsive as time pass on.

If your dog is suffering from this health problem, you must change your lifestyle to adjust to your dog. Approach them gently, and keep them on the leash, as they can not hear your commands when in public.

8- Vestibular Disease

Once your dogs suddenly lose balance and orientation, consider it a vestibular disease. This disease is repeatedly seen among whippets. Its reason may vary. This can consist of ear infection, physical trauma, or aging. Most affected dogs can recover from dizziness within just 48 hours. In most severe cases, dogs can experience chronic wobbling, it head tilt.

9- Cushing Syndrome

Once you see that your whippets have a bloated or pot-bellied appearance, you need immediately to take them to the vet to be checked out for crushing syndrome.

When certain hormon8es are overproduced by the dermal glands, this health issue can arise. Some of its symptoms include thinker skin, increased appetite, frequent urination, and others.

10- Pancreatitis

Pancreatitis can be extremely painful for your pooch as it is a chronic inflammation of the Pancreas. If your dogs have this condition, you will notice these signs: hunched back, promoting, dehydration, lethargy, etc. You must keep an eye if your dog’s stool has any blood.

If you are sure that your pooch is suffering from this illness, seek the help of fluid therapy, lifestyle adjustments, and in some cases, surgery.

11- Eye Problems

Whippet dogs can inherit or develop several eye problems. Some can be extremely painful. Others can lead to blindness if not treated. Visits to the vet are the greatest option to be updated about the general health of your dog’s eyes.

12- Hair Loss is a kind of Whippet Health Issues

Whippets can go through baldness. Your dogs’ hair will gradually fall and never grow back. This does not cause itchiness. However, the skin of your dogs will become dry. The places affected are usually the throat, chest, belly, and the insides of the legs.

What You Can Do To Help Your Dogs?

Taking responsibility for a dog is not easy. You should keep in mind that they, just like you, feel pain when they are sick. To keep them from feeling this pain, you need to Build a routine care schedule for your whippet. Moreover, you should never forget the importance of a good diet and exercise.

Consider doing the following:

  • Brush their tech twice a week.
  • Give them a consistent diet and avoid human food.
  • Exercise your dog regularly, by trying to start slowly.
  • Brush their coats at least weekly.

Last Words

Having a dog is having a family. Whippets, especially, are loving, caring, and passionate creatures that deserve to live healthily.

Reading this article will give you the main common health issues that your dog may encounter. If you are conscious of them, you will know how to reach them.

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